Rico Young

Born February 25, 1975, to Joyce and Freddie Young in Denver Colorado, Rico Young was set to grow up and to discover his God-given talent. At a young age, I can always remember being fascinated with art. My mother Joyce was an artist, I can remember her sketching police cars and other things. My mother inspired me to start sketching, at the age of five she taught me how to draw a muscle man. I was so amazed as to how easy she made it look to draw, so I started drawing as much as I could.

I remember seeing a drawn portrait of my parents, it inspired me so much because I was named after the person. As a student growing up in school I would find myself drifting off and sketching in class, which sometimes got me into a lot of trouble. I continued to draw, as my passion grew so did my love for art. I started sketching automobiles, then portraits as many of my friends were having babies. I just never stopped drawing and art became an addiction.

The Lord has given me a gift, and he has blessed me in many ways of seeing how I bless others with art. I see art as a journey and I can’t wait to see where my career leads me. My main inspirations are My lord, my wife, my children, my mother and a Russian painter named Slava, Nick Wu, and Carrivagio. I’m still growing as an artist and can’t wait to reach a level in which I can make a difference, and inspire others.